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Vital Voice is about what we all take for granted - the simple, yet vitally important, business phone call. The office phone system is one of those things that just has to work, all the time.

Vital voice

Why cloud-based phone systems?

Technology is changing and advancing at an alarming rate, what was seen as the ‘typical small business phone system’ 5 or 10 years ago has now fundamentally changed, for the better. Jaguar Telecom have been specialising in this area for over 10 years, winning one of the first ‘Hosted Phone System’ awards in the industry, as long ago as 2011.

The call quality is outstanding, maintenance and hardware costs are a thing of the past, and you'll have ready access to detailed management reporting. An app gives you the flexibility to use your office phone right from your mobile. In a sense, this allows you to take your office with you, wherever you go.

Hosted PBX means your phone system technology is in the cloud – all individual phones connect through the Internet. This liberates you from a PBX sitting in a corner of your office. New phones and users can instantly be added – and you can make routing changes and reset voicemail pins from the online control panel yourself.

Why cloud-based phone systems

Here’s what else you get:

  • FREE unlimited calls to UK landlines, mobiles, and key international destinations*
  • Keep your existing phone numbers and take them anywhere
  • Free HD Voice IP Telephone^
  • Access to the system anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Automatic instant call diverts
  • App for your smartphone
  • Ability to add, remove, and change users in seconds
  • Almost limitless configurability to meet any requirement
  • Two call recording options, basic and advanced (MiFiD compliant)
  • Extensive call stats & reporting
  • Instant changes to call routing

We partner with Gamma to offer their Horizon product, an extremely versatile and popular hosted system.

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* With our most popular Business Licence

^ Terms & Conditions apply

Here’s what else you get

Take your office phone with you on the move

With the Horizon Smartphone app, you can be in the office – even when you’re out of the office.

When logged in, your mobile will ring when your office phone rings, and when making calls, the recipient will see your office number rather than your mobile number. Charges for these calls are made at the office rate, not your mobile rate, and you’ll have access to conference calls, transfers, placing calls on hold, company directory, etc.

Take your office phone with you

Enhanced Call Reporting

For insights into staff productivity and detailed call statistics, we recommend our Akixi call-monitoring service. This software integrates directly with Horizon and supports wallboard visualisation.

Akixi gives you real-time call analytics on multiple devices, which helps you make insight-driven decisions that form the basis of world-class customer service.

Call us on 020 3829 6000 to find out more about Akixi

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Enhanced Call Reporting

Setting up your new phone system

If your broadband is in place, we can install Horizon with just a few days’ notice. If you need a reliable broadband service, we can install that as well before we set up Horizon.

We’ll work with you to configure your system and help as your business grows.

Setting up your new phone system


Gamma Mobile is a service exclusively developed and offered to the U.K. business market, with the intention of ensuring your business receives optimal coverage for both voice and data.

Call us to find out more about this superior Mobile service, or download the brochure to find out more.

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