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Smart Business Communications

The Challenge

Telephone systems, broadband and office networks are fundamental to your business. But many small businesses suffer from the same problem, they're too busy to learn about the technology, they get bamboozled by the jargon and they struggle on with what they've got.

Take Martin for example. He runs a small marketing agency but admits that he and his team just don't have the time or inclination to look into upgrading their outdated and inefficient phone system.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Jaguar Telecom is an award-winning provider of communication solutions to SME businesses in the South East.

We're an experienced team of specialists who choose to use progressive technology, from reputable suppliers. Our core solutions are reliable, infinitely configurable, fully scalable and just what you need to future-proof your business-critical communications.

Our Solution

Our Niche

Our passion is improving the way small companies communicate with customers and colleagues. We typically work with businesses who have between 10 and 100 users.

Focusing on SMEs allows us to go above and beyond to deliver the support and services our customers have come to expect, so you can focus on running your business while we look after your comms.

Our Niche

Our Approach

We take the time to understand your business challenges and we recommend a solution that will adapt to your ongoing business needs. We'll talk to you in plain English rather than acronyms that you don't understand, and we'll do it all professionally with a smile.

Our pricing is simple, transparent and always accurate. To Jaguar, an accurate bill is as important as a cleverly configured network.

Our approach

What our customers say...

Average Customer Rating: 5 Star Customer Rating 5/5

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