Nimble Networking

Nimble Networking is all about connecting your business communication services together seamlessly, managing them from a central location and making them easy to add to, and change.

Secure Business WiFi

With our optional secure WiFi service, you'll get unlimited scalability, high-powered performance and our remote support via the cloud-based management controller. This delivers a powerful and cost-effective managed WiFi network. Premium quality WiFi access points, Cisco or Draytek, handle the heavy demands of business and ensure high up-time performance with low signal delay.

Our ‘Guest Network’ capability ensures distinct segregation of company devices from guest devices. This can be set up with a branded Welcome page complete with security options such as single-use tokens, pay-per-use and password protection.

Secure Business WiFi

Network Cabling

With our hand-picked partners and contractors, we are able to address almost any structured cabling requirement. We oversee the whole installation process to ensure it goes smoothly and there is no disruption in communications. With our attention to detail, you get the right size cabinet in the right place, with enough power to supply all the components.

We’ll then add colour cabling so it is all structured tidily and labelled clearly – so everyone knows what is what when providing diagnostic support further down the line.

It sounds simple but it’s amazing how many cabling installations look like a bowl of spaghetti!

Network Cabling

Switches and Routers

Finally – and most importantly – your network operates reliably 24/7 as the foundation of your business. Jaguar Telecom has the IT capabilities to install and configure a secure and reliable network, so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business. We use industry-standard equipment like Cisco, so you get peace of mind.

We also appreciate that many companies already have trusted IT consultants in place, and in those scenarios we develop good working relationships to ensure that any issues or faults are quickly remedied by the right person at the right time.

Switches and Routers

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